C41 Experience, Athleisure: Nicola Fossaceca draws us into a fairy tale made of food and emotions

0 C 41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Nicola Fossaceca

Cooking supposes a light head, a generous spirit and a broad heart seems that the famous starred chef Nicola Fossaceca has perfectly followed these wonderful words spoken by the impressionist artist Paul Gauguin. In the small village of Abruzzo in San Salvo Marina stands a delicious and fine restaurant surrounded by scents of the sea, passion and dedication. Al Metrò was born in the restaurant that was part of the family patisserie, which still bears the name. From this family experience, the Fossaceca brothers in 1999 developed a personal idea of cuisine and hospitality that led the Al Metrò restaurant to be reviewed in the major Italian guides, and to win, in 2013, the Michelin Star.

On the occasion of the experience that C41 magazine has played in the lands of Abruzzo, Nicola has moved his kitchen to the Bagni Vittoria residence, to make the crew experience a culinary experience dominated by refinement and grace. In the modern world becomes increasingly difficult, especially for the new generation, to get excited and be amazed by something new. Thanks to the technologies there is nothing unreachable, or you do not have to work too hard to reach a desire, all this has a positive implication, in terms of possible experiences, but also negative because it is increasingly difficult to try and provoke a sense of joy and amazement. Nicola succeeded, not only managed to create an atmosphere of joy and perfect conviviality but managed to amaze and excite us.

1 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Nicola Fossaceca
3 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Nicola Fossaceca

Nicola’s cooking allowed us to get to know Abruzzo from a different point of view, experimenting with its flavors and aromas. It is a cuisine that knows how to look at contemporary gastronomic culture starting from a deep territorial root. The raw material is always of primary importance, gives the dish a special note and allows the palate to recognize every single ingredient with its unique flavor.

The sound of the sea, the waves crashing on the rocks, the sparkle of the sun reflected in the water were the perfect setting to enjoy a star-shaped lunch. The C41 crew was conquered by a man of great simplicity and pleasant shyness that reveals however a great determination and the satisfaction of those who know they have made the right choices in the choices of products, flavors and colors. C41 has felt a sense of amazement and emotion!

2 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Nicola Fossaceca

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4 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Nicola Fossaceca
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