close-sidemenu is an ode to femininity in all its forms, shapes and colors is the newest film by director Enea Colombi and Art Director & Founder of Fantabody Carolina Amoretti, produced by Velocissimo, and it’s the freshest celebration of women’s bodies through dance and confidence.
This performance of 16 marvelous women offers a glimpse of the new Fantabody SS19 collection, but more importantly, it represents an ode to femininity in all its forms, shapes and colors.

We had the chance to get in touch with Carolina Amoretti and Velocissimo for a quick interview about this project:

Let’s talk a bit about Fantabody first. What is it, when was it born and why?

CAROLINA: Fantabody is my baby project, a bodysuits, and athleisurewear brand started as a game 4/5 years ago, that grew up without any warning. It was pretty hard to become a little business woman without planning it!
The project, in fact, was born to tell stories of women without modesty limits, encouraging the feminine side.
Of course, the main priority for me was the imagery because my main job is photography, but I learnt to design and realize simple but functional products.

About “”. How did this project begin? And why did you conceive this film? Why did you decide to work all together on this very first chapter?

Carolina: I had the idea to produce this video since the collection was released one year ago, but it would have been too difficult and crazy doing everything by myself. I couldn’t handle production, casting, scouting etc. all by myself.
Velocissimo: The project was born about a year ago. One day I (Enrico) and Carolina thought of a character named Fanta Bobby, who is nothing but a distortion of Fantabody. We imagined this human being that went beyond the gender classification, indefinite, of astonishing beauty. The consecration of this beautiful figure took place in the act of dancing in a gym in front of a random audience of provincial dancers.
From this embryonic idea, the project evolved, focusing directly on the themes closest to the brand, but keeping the dance as a mean to tell all these beautiful and different women that we wanted to involve.
Velocissimo has been working together with director Enea for over a year. We are doing a path of growth together. Connecting him with Carolina for a fashion author film was a very natural choice.
Carolina: As Enrico and I were already in contact, I asked Velocissimo a little help to organize everything and to collaborate with Enea.
In the beginning, since I’m a photographer, it was pretty strange for me to trust somebody else to create this content, but at the same time, it was exciting and very important to me to focus on the art direction.
Enea: Yeah, this is how it went. I got on the project when Carolina called me and asked me to join forces to create this film. The purpose was to create a fashion film that showed both different kinds of dances and girls mixing them together with Carolina’s art direction and my eye and style.

“” is a celebration of women and their body, and it couldn’t come in a better time. The celebration of our personal self, of our values and blemishes, are the center of a worldwide conversation. Love yourself no matter what. How did you take on this topic? And how did you decide to talk about it?

Carolina: This is just my primary topic in every kind of project, as a photographer but especially with the Fantabody project.
As the name suggests, we all have a fantastic body, starting with acceptance, continuing with sport and taking care of ourselves. In this case, dance combines body, art, sport, discipline and street style.
Enea: Some of my personal and commercial works are based on the celebration of the body, both male and female,  in all of its forms. I love representing people as they are, without distorting them.
Enrico from Velocissimo: With Fantabody it comes naturally to address this theme. It has always made diversity the very foundation of its communication. A set of different individuals find themselves in a single container with extreme naturalness, and this is exemplary, it is truly an important event.
In my experience outside of Velocissimo as a Casting Director, I see every day how sensitivity to normal individuals is increasing, their defects become uniqueness to be valued, there is no longer an ideal of anachronistic objective perfection.
This is quite assembled in creative contexts, this film has the hope of spreading this message to as many people as possible. Carolina has bravely made it a mission with her brand, with Enea we have done so many jobs together with precisely these ideals of beauty.

Let’s talk about the different performances inside the video. Why did you choose dance/gymnastics among all the possible disciplines?

Carlina: Casting was made just via Instagram with the help of Enrico and the precious organization of Sofia Atzori that helped me choose the performers.
We actually chose a mix of street style dances and gymnastics disciplines, so it’s a very large kind of styles: contortion, hip hop, classical, afrobeat, vogueing, etc.

What were the most challenging moments and the ones you loved the most while doing this film? Any particular detail you want to talk about?

Enea: I think the most challenging thing was when we had 7 different kind of dances and more than 15 girls performing, all to shoot in just one day. So, we decided to divide the day into different slots. Every slot was calculated in a determined location with a specific light on a specific hour: there couldn’t be any kind of delays because the schedule was super tight.

What’s coming in the future?

Carolina: Just good things 😉
Velocissimo: I hope this work will help us connect with other people who have this vision, to do great things, to do good things not just for us.


Directed by Enea Colombi
Art Direction by Carolina Amoretti
Produced by Velocissimo / B-movie
Sound by Marco Lvnar Ferrario
Styling by Yosephine Melfi
Make-up by Serena Congiu
Title design by Silvia Pisani
Art direction Assistant Sofia Atzori
Assistant Camera Giuseppe Torsello
Mua assitants Cinzia Trifiletti & Genny Cecchini
Photo Assistant Christian De Luca
Costume stage assistant Veronica Elcino
Styling assistant Valentina Rixio

Dancers: Beatrice Tavazzi, Rebecca Monfredini, Paola e Pamela Ameyibor, Nadege Okou, Sheila Verdi, Hyeji Lee, Veronica Tomasino, Karl Allanigue, Elena Aste, Elena Dale, Lucia Mauri, Marina Bertoni, Sara Monari, Annalisa Morelli, Lidia Luciani.

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10 June 2019
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