The exhibition Best, Isabelle by Isabelle Wenzel inaugurates the programme of cultural initiatives curated by C41 in the regenerated spaces of BiM (where Bicocca meets Milan). On the 7th of June 2023 from 6 PM, it will be possible to enter the spaces and come into contact with the artistic research that has taken place within them.

Best, Isabelle, set up on the first floor of the building in the C41 Gallery spaces, investigates the working dimension through a series of photographic, staging and performance devices. “What does an ergonomic chair tell us about our bodies and the time they inhabit?” Starting from this universal object and its context of use, the research developed by Isabelle Wenzel moves towards a clear somatic, social and aesthetic declination of the contemporary worker. With elegant irony, the artist proposes a visual reflection on the capitalisation of the productive body and the consequent coercion into unnatural postures and attitudes—explicit in the subversive, exhausted and improbable poses she immortalises. Inviting us to adopt a new, critical point of view, she wishes us the best.

Isabelle Wenzel (1982, Germany) is an artist and performer who, through photography, captures the body during the moment of greatest imbalance within the performance process. The subject of her research is mainly the body understood as form, rather than with reference to the individuality of the person. In this, his intervention moves from the particular to the general, becoming a key to interpreting important aspects of contemporaneity.

On the occasion of the opening on the 7th of June 2023, the space will come to life in performances by Isabelle Wenzel, during which it will be possible to discover more about the artist’s work and what lies behind it. During one of these, it will be possible to take home a photocopy—in a limited edition—of one of her photographs, which a performer herself will make together with the visitor. Following this, Fuera will perform on the stage in the centre of the BiM Garden, with a live concert featuring experimental sounds on the borderline between rap and electronic. The band from Nola, composed of Same, Djak and Jxmmyvis, will present their latest record, CIRCO MEZZALUNA. The evening will close with a dj set by Buio, while the exhibition will be open until the 15th of September 2023, Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 5PM.