C41 & Solomostry: back and forth from Berlin

Berlin C 41 Premiata 37

Another day, another city, another event. We have just got back from Berlin, where we had the pleasure to be hosted by Premiata. We got inside the store and restyled it, adding a C41 touch. Solomostry left his footprints too: painted windows were again framing the exclusive collection made for C41.

Berlin C41 Premiata 27

And then there were you. Thank you Berliners, we are already looking forward to coming back to you. As soon as possible, sooner than you may think.


Berlin C41 Premiata 09

Berlin C41 Premiata 10

Berlin C41 Premiata 02


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6 July 2017
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The aim of a shop is to collect cool stuff.
Ours is to gather the coolest.