Tal Ben Avi takes us to the magical areas of no man’s land

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Tal Ben Avi was born in Rishon Lezion Israel in April 1990. As a teenage boy, he began studying studio photography and black and white darkroom courses in Tel Aviv.
In 2012 He studied at ‘Camera Obscura’ the School of Photography in.
He continued his professional education through higher studies in Photography and Fine Arts at ‘Hamidrasha’ Faculty of Arts and Graduated summa cum laude diploma.
In 2017, he was awarded the ‘Shlomo Vitkin’ Scholarship at the end of his studies and completed his studies at the ‘Hamidrasha’ Faculty of arts’ in Kfar Saba, Israel. Since 2018 he is a member of P8 cooperative gallery in Tel Aviv. Ben Avi lives and works in Tel Aviv.

About ‘Post Encounters‘:

I choose the city’s entrances. The no-man’s-land areas, the city’s outskirts, the edges of the city. Margins. I wander day and night. I return to those places – back and forth. Day and night allow different points of view. This constant movement turns me into a permanent nomad and the places I visit into clusters of refuge.

The space allows me to examine the significance of nature photography in these areas and in this age. This search assumes that nature is a product of the behavior of the man who sows destruction and who occupies territory.

The strange and the unknown are reflected in the photographs in full and in vast detail. This vastness contains traces of human contact and human presence in retrospect. These residues, which do not contain human beings, enable assimilation, submerging the subconscious, whether from the photographed place or from the viewer’s soul.

The work is created through analog and chemical procedures only, and through working with cameras in medium formats and different types of films and development procedures. Working in this manner, allows me to stall and pause in front of the objects photographed before and after I choose them.

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