Do you ever wonder: what does basic mean? It is nothing more than what we are. Everything starts from basic. Our lives too.

We live in an interconnected world, we have everything at our disposal. Driven by the tendency to seek more and more, and surround ourselves with things we don’t really need. In a world that overwhelms us with information and from which it is easy to get distracted, it has become necessary to start building our own barriers and setting up our filters. Without being afraid to leave behind what is not indispensable to define ourselves. Coming ever closer to the realization that we are born with everything we need. And that’s how the Basic Collection came about. It’s time to set up your filters and go back to the basics. As mum made us.

The desire to enhance the C41 brand with a collection has always been there. But there was never a real starting point. The Basic Collection lays the fundamentals of a new phase for C41, transferring the brand to a collection of clothes. Starting from the basics, in every sense. Basic is nothing more than the synthesis of essentials and need. The commitment is to create garments and objects that make up an indispensable kit for everyday life. This also means paying more attention to the quality of the garment. To give value to a simple thing, we have tried to embellish it, sewing the logo in cotton rather than printing it. What we try to do is respond to the need to make available to everyone something that can make you feel at ease and comfortable at the same time. Because today design, in addition to producing nice things that improve your image, must increasingly produce useful things. And that’s what we want to do: utility and beauty.