Asaf Einy reaches out to Sicilian fishermen revolving around a summer trip

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Asaf Einy is a 32 years old photographer and visual Artist based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He has a B.F.A in art and design and has showcased his work in galleries and museum in Israel, being also publishing several times in Europe. He is known for his portraits and fashion photographs, cultivating an interest for reportage as well.

Most of his work focuses on challenging and refining the conception of contemporary masculinity, interest that allows him selecting precises scenes of daily life in which he happens to be surrounded by. Asaf visual language and choices is genuine, while his approach is defined by clarity of intentions; manners that tackles the relationships between the photographic subject and how it sees itself and its representation and eventually in a new context.

About ‘10pm Sunset’ – words by Asaf Einy:

The interest in this project started in the winter of 2018, during my first visit to Sicily I came across the fish market and was overwhelmed by the scenes. All the fishermen, young and old, looked like they came out of a movie. it was very visually appealing to me. I realized that I’ll have to come back to capture it all. When I went back in summertime, the fishermen already knew me after they’ve seen me strolling around every morning with my camera for about a week. At one point, they didn’t even tried to sell me any fish, they just let me take their photos.

10pm Sunset is my first self published book. it revolves around a summer trip. I started my journey in Napoli then continued to Catania, Sicily. It is a documented portraiture through short meetings with strangers along the way. 

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9 August 2019
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