“An den Rändern” recounts of wanderings and dog days, of the paths through and between the urban almost-outside, of peripheral zones and external territories. Johannes Döppler (photography), Danijel Sijakovic (photography) and Roman Paul Widera (text) approached the spaces beyond the cores together and collected what they found with different photographic signatures. The poems and images inhabit the pages as they gather, juxtaposing, complementing and contrasting each other.

Johannes Döppler (*1983) was born in Gailingen am Hochrhein and currently lives in Mainz, Germany. He studied photography with a focus on documentary and fine-art in the classes of Christopher Muller and Elisabeth Neudörfl at Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen. His work has been shown internationally in cities such as Tokyo (Influences, Anagra), Leipzig (Concepts of the Documentary, f/stop), Zürich (Resembling Lines, Galerie VFO), Amsterdam (Puzzled, Outpost) and Essen (#IODO, Verteilerebene). He published several artist books solo and in collaboration with other photographers, most recently SPLIT3 (2020) and Influence(r)s with zerofeedback (2020).

Danijel Sijakovic (*1989) was born in Osijek, Croatia and currently lives in Mainz, Germany. He studies fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Mainz in the Filmclass of John Skoog. Recent group and solo exhibitions in Vienna (Room 205, Hotel Beethoven), Berlin (Phase 1, Zuostant), London (Carapace, Rupture Xibit Gallery), Frankfurt am Main (Façades, NEW NOW art space), Jerusalem (The exquisite corpse, Babur Gallery), Oberhausen (Strangers on a Train II, Kurzfilmfestival) and Mainz (Wir leben auf einem Stern – Intro, Kunsthalle). He was awarded with a scholarship of the German National Merit Foundation. In his current project he explores the mythos of the Western and its impact and influence on the European conception of America and its history.

Roman Paul Widera (*1993) was born in Duisburg-Rheinhausen and currently lives in Mainz, Germany. He studied art history and film studies at the University of Mainz and is part of the Filmclass at Kunsthochschule Mainz. He exhibited, performed and published his writing with several german publishers and magazines in Cologne (Dammbruch, parasitenpresse), Mannheim (an den Rändern, Einraumhaus Verlag), Münster (Am Erker, Daedalus Verlag), Kiel (Der Schnipsel, stirnholz Verlag) and Mainz (Wir leben auf einem Stern–Intro 1, Kunsthalle). His writing deals with cinema, memory, nostalgia, and the urban experience. He currently works on a book on celluloid aesthetics.