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Ambra Crociani Confinement Photography 12

Ambra Crociani was born in Florence to an American mother and a Tuscan father. She grew up in the Florentine countryside, literally in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hills and ancient olive trees.  After high school, she moved to Berlin for a while, and then to Rome, where she studied at the European Institute of Design.

Since 2017 she’s based in Milan, where she currently works as a freelance Photographer and Art Director.

About ‘Confinement‘ – words by Ambra Crociani:

Confinement is a project that I started during the lockdown due to Covid-19, when time stopped for everyone. We went from a constant rush to a perpetual stillness. This series of pictures is a sort of diary on how I have perceived time during this strange and never ending time.  Ive been stuck in Milan for almost three months. I spent almost all March standing still, staring at walls, silent. I started observing the things I had in my home, focusing on the simple ones, or the ones that I usually take for granted.  Spring began, and through the monotony of my days Ive started noticing the sunlight hitting with these simple objects, that slowly became my tiny treasures.  I gave a shape to time, following a simple pattern: coffee scent meant 9 am, meals were the most exciting rituals of the day and the sunlight hitting on the fruit on my table meant that half of the day was over. These tiny treasures, together with the sunlight were my only contact with nature.  Ive started going out again, though everything is still uncertain. This is a very hard time for us, between society collapsing and global pandemics.  I hope these small moments of light and simple gestures will help me remember this moment forever.

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10 July 2020
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