It’s already been a month but it’s better not to forget what it was. It’s already been a month but it seems like yesterday that C41 Magazine launched the sixth issue with the theme “Drink”. It might seem a bizarre theme, trivial or with few contents instead it is a theme that can develop widely on different spheres and worlds.

We have dealt with the magical and intimate theme of breastfeeding through the magnificent photographic journey created by Vincent Ferranè, where the Drink theme takes on a maternal and emotional role. We talked about the melodious and known mixture that is coffee through the poetic words of the designer Michael Anastassiades, who told us an episode of his life turning it into an almost fairytale story. The theme was also developed by a doctor, Dr. Muhammad Ali Muslimani, who with the help of the fabulous photographs of Lonneke Van Der Palen has made us understand our purely liquid nature, our body is made of water, we are water. The Max Siedentopf fountains allowed us to look at the topic from a different, almost unrealistic perspective. We had the great opportunity to talk about the Drink for excellence, that is the Negroni Sbagliato, an exceptional creation of the founder of the Bar Basso in Milan. Although it may seem extremely far from our topic through the photographs of Zellei Boglárka Éva we could talk about religion and Christianity, baptism and purifications.

We could go on for hours to list the issues we had the opportunity and honor to deal with. Memory, youth, culture and life, this theme has allowed us to develop many seemingly unrelated topics.

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Photo by Alessandro Bonassi