Allan Salas comes to terms with the mortal nature of the human being

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Allan Salas (b. 1993) is a photographer born and based in San José, Costa Rica. His work is a poetic exploration that revolves around introspection and self-analysis through the themes of mortality, the decadence of the body, the passage of time, and the relationship between human beings and nature.

About The Rooted Heart Began To Change – words by Allan Salas:

“The rooted heart began to change
(not beat) and then it split apart
and from it broke a flood of water.”
fragment of a poem called The Weed by Elizabeth Bishop

It is often said that time heals all wounds. But our bodies are wounded by time; they perish and decay as we inevitably confront its consequences. In December 2020, my paternal grandmother passed away, and a month later, my father survived a heart attack. In the aftermath of these events, I decided to move alone to my childhood home by the sea to find a way to cope with the feelings of sorrow and existential dread.

Being in this place, I noticed the passage of time manifested. Everything was a constant reminder of my own mortality. I found traces of myself in older men living in the margins of society, who were looking for answers in nature as a last resort in an avid search for their own significance.

The Rooted Heart Began To Change is an ongoing project that unveils a poetic and suggestive journey —exploring the existential uncertainties in the grieving process— by exhibiting the vestiges of time and mortality through the different facets of the relationship between nature and the self.

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21 October 2021
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