Alice Sossella talk about herself:

“I’m Alice, I grew up in a little town on the hills near Treviso. Now I’m 30 and I live in Milano. I studied Economics but after six years in the marketing department of a huge company I decided to change everything. I have been taking pictures for 10 years now and I still need to figure out what I’m doing.”

About ‘Somewhere else‘:

Somewhere else is an ongoing process which crosses two main roads. On one side, it investigates the place, outlining a dreamlike and silent geography. On the other, it investigates the subject and its capacity for abstraction.
The first road is a labyrinth of imagined fragments, where the walking influences the gaze and the gaze defines the path, but there is no turning back or moving forward.
It’s a never-ending rummaging through boxes and drawers full of meaningless things, passing from anxiety to silent unconsciousness. The subjects are all there, lost in thought. Taken from behind, motionless, they don’t even give a nod, perhaps they are contemplating escape, they have great hopes for the next life.
The escape and the return, in an endless circle, are the basis of the project, in a continuous contradiction between nostalgia and the desire to be somewhere else, far from the noise.

C41 Tel

C41 Tav

C41 Fuga

C41 Tanka

C41 Tam

C41 Mima

C41 Masso

C41 Luna

C41 Lemonpill

C41 Gialla

C41 Gambamano

C41 Fondale

C41 Dondolo

C41 Divan

C41 Cassetto

C41 Caprosso

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C41 Bambi

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