Alessio Pinna plunges into the current and lets himself go completely

Alessio Pinna La Corrente C41magazine Photography 6

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Alessio Pinna was born in Sardinia in 1998, in a small village by the sea. After the surveyor studies he moved to Milan where, after graduating in photography at the IED, he cofounded with three other photographers, Ellisse Studio, a photographic production company. He always has a deep interest in the natural and otherwise phenomena that surround him.

About La Corrente – words by Alessio Pinna:

I was born in a small village in Sardinia, located at the mouth of a river. In the shadow of the eucalyptus trees, the earth is interrupted for about ten meters. On the other side, a sandy shore covered with sea plants and shells. In that place the fresh water meets the salty one of the sea. Neither prevails over the other: they slip and coexist. Every wave, every trail, every drop is equally important. A mysterious and elusive force determines every movement, at the same time casual and necessary. Everything I face is a manifestation of an inaccessible law.

Taking pictures is like diving into the stream: everything around me changes constantly. Everywhere I look there is something to observe. It is an awareness of the movement. I stop, I let everything happen and I feel the stream.

Everything could have been different, yet it is not.

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7 June 2021
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