Alessia Morellini reminds us how magic is the first summer weekend

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This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Born in 1985, Alessia Morellini is an Italian photographer specializing in fashion, beauty, and travel photography with a great sense of detail and a passion for the simple things in life. During the years in which she has been attending the college, she began as a self-taught photographer capturing the solitary and aseptic sceneries of the Po Valley. Later on, she continued to develop her research beyond the national borders.

Alessia Morellini is fascinated by everyday things in life as well as the familiar aspects of objects and panoramas that surround us. Furthermore, she has this strong passion for the decontextualization of little details of natural and urban landscapes.

In addition to a wide range of personal photographic projects, she works as a freelance photographer for some clothing brands.

About ‘Adriatica’ – words by Alessia Morellini:

“Adriatica” is the first weekend of summer, the desire to go out and live everyday life.

I wanted to capture fragments of extraordinary normality: the hair disheveled by the wind, the skin kissed by the sun, the reflections of the sea, and the sky that changes color.

Moments of priceless happiness. I want to give importance to seemingly insignificant details, to common subjects, to places close to home, and to the freedom of anonymity.

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10 August 2020
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