Alejandra Carles-Tolra takes us to the fabulous world of Jane Austen

19Untitled Where We Belong Series

Alejandra Carles-Tolra, born in Barcelona and now she lives and works in London, UK.

About ‘Where We Belong’:

‘Where We Belong’ is a body of work exploring themes of belonging, femininity and escapism through a portrayal of Jane Austen devotees.

The ‘Jane Austen Pineapple Appreciation Society’ is a group of people who share a strong passion for the 19th century English author. The society’s members, who define themselves as Janeites, have created a community of like-minded people with whom to celebrate the work of the writer. Since its creation over two years ago, the society has built a solid network of support and sisterhood that has created strong bonds among its members.

Through my work, I explore how the sense of safety and belonging that specific groups might ofer can empower the individuals and strengthen their own identity. In my photographs, I use physical and psychological closeness to represent the intense relationships fostered within these communities and to depict the existential need to belong. I am also interested in examining the threshold between fiction and nonfiction, between past and present. My goal is to invite the viewer to question where the performance starts and ends, and to challenge where the limits between reality and imagination lie.

This body of work has been originally commissioned through the Jerwood / Photoworks Awards, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Photoworks.

06Untitled Where We Belong Series

14Untitled Where We Belong Series

18Untitled Where We Belong Series

17Untitled Where We Belong Series

15Untitled Where We Belong Series

13Untitled Where We Belong Series

12Untitled Where We Belong Series

09Untitled Where We Belong Series

07Untitled Where We Belong Series

04Untitled Where We Belong Series

03Untitled Where We Belong Series

02Untitled Where We Belong Series

01Untitled Where We Belong Series

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25 October 2018
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