Blue is the color of the clearest sky. Blue is the easiest color to fall in love with: an attractive depth and calming halo. Blue is raw, blue is warm. Blue is C2C Festival closing night, an hommage to the color of the Italian National football teams: the Azzurri. The last night of C2C Festival 2023 celebrates adidas and FIGC collaboration, a feast of blue lighting up the venue. C2C is not just the music scene it gathers around, but also the people and diversity of styles talking of cultures and subcultures lingering around streetwear and sportswear too.


Adventuring on an experimental electronic music turn, the last of the four C2C nights proposes gems like Francesca Heart and Regno Maggiore‘s nymphic vibes, Azu Tiwaline and Cinna Peyghami‘s nature-inspired ambient sounds.



Further in the lineup come upsammy and Jonathan Castro. upsammy’s explorative-based musical practice complements that of graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist Castro: a functional duo for a smooth, straightforward trip into a metaverse made of dreamy, abstract dance tracks that fluidly switch between styles such as electro, techno, and IDM.

It’s half past midnight and the headline show is heating up the public yet another time. Gang Of Ducks (GOD): Italy’s loose artistic collective is a group of anonymous fellows working as a record label of some sort. A migrating group working between Turin and Berlin, GOD has been accounted by Noisey among the DJs leading Italy’s underground electronic scene in 2016.

Their show at C2C Festival 2023 is one not to have been missed, we swear. GOD kicks off their show with a good 15 minutes of support for Victor Kwality, Italian-Mozambican drum ’n’ bass talent, a genre that has influenced his now polyhedric character.

The pace GOD keeps during their live DJing is marvelous, accompanied and enhanced by a visual installation designed by the studio Unstated and generated from the work of more than 100 photographers part of the FUTURES network. GOD’s punk attitude mingles with techno culture resulting in an imperfect sound that is ever-evolving.

The blue-tinted night at C2C Festival is a night trip to a parallel world, one you wish never ended but when you wake up you can be sure that happened.