Aaron McElroy b 1978, is an American born photographer currently living in Philadelphia, PA.

McElroy began taking pictures when he was 27, with the idea of making his own art to decorate the new home. Now, several years later, he works full-time as a photographer, producing work in his distinct style, using photography as a reflective media, which informs the way he edits and sequences the images too.


About ‘Reds’ – words by Aaron McElroy:

Aaron McElroy’s series Reds takes a closer look at a color frequently associated with extreme emotions as love, sex, passion, anger, and death. McElroy’s Reds explores themes in these realms with images that are at times visceral and relatable, indulgent, abstract, and intimate. A reference to the American cigarette brand Marlboro Reds, hints a subtle but stubborn tone of America through the book. Beyond the themes from the tones of red, McElroy’s Reds mixes diaristic and staged photos in order to combine images of personal encounters that are freely associated with reality, memories, fiction, and sexuality, culminating into a non-linear narrative that allows the viewer to use the own imagination creating the own meaning about an image, a feeling and thus the color itself.