In a chaotic world dominated by contradictory information, research delimits the boundaries of individual space. What we look for defines ourselves as well as what we avoid. In the noise, everyone creates his own instants of silence. Set up your filters and enjoy the view.

I’ve downloaded countless apps to make sure I don’t forget, apps to help me organise my thoughts and other things I deem important in such a way that one day, as needed, at any time, with just a few scrolls > enter passcode > face ID I’ll have easy access to my memories, the right path, and the right filters for everything I know. Those same apps remind me that even my memory has an expiry date, they remind me how important they are to me and how important it is to remind other people how important it is to use them. We live in a constant state of needing to know what is more important. This is important and that is important. “Don’t forget! It’s so important!” When our focus is divided across multiple tasks, we remember nothing, we become impulsive and we often fuck up, but at least we know we’re being insanely productive. “I’m shattered today but I’ve got loads done.” “I downloaded an app that tells me how long I can spend on social media and how long I need to wash my hands to make sure they’re clean.” This month I washed my hands for almost 1 hour and 37 minutes and I sent 248 emails. I worked out 16 days in a row for a total of 137,000 calories burned. I sat in on 102 calls and I spent almost 400 euros on lunches ordered from food delivery apps. These numbers define the target to which, although unwillingly, I belong. My home screen is bursting with brightly coloured apps, full of meaning and each with its own individual voice. They are nicely organised into folders and they look great. I move them with ease to the folder that I think will best help me remember that I can find that specific app in that specific place with equal ease. With every > unlock, they notify me that I couldn’t possibly do without them and at first I believe it with all my heart, before immediately going back on myself and forgetting their very existence.