A Matter of Perspectives is Ranieri’s site-specific installation at EDIT Napoli for EDIT Cult 2023, a dialogue between EDIT design fair and the historical and artistic treasures of Naples.

Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, Ranieri’s new creative directors, signed a striking site-specific installation for the renowned international design fair, as part of the EDIT Cult 2023 running between October 6th and 8th. A Matter of Perspectives showcased at Santa Maria La Nova, a Roman Catholic Renaissance-style church and monastery, now deconsecrated, in the heart of Naples. Ranieri’s “chef d’œuvre” may be conceived as a symbolic invitation to conviviality, entirely made of lava stone, the brand’s hallmark. This precious material formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic magma emerging on the earth’s surface shows off a new face thanks to a novel treatment. It praises its inimitable natural composition, instead of hiding it.

Driven by a desire to celebrate local belonging, the creative directors were inspired by Ranieri’s homeland: the Italian Campania region. The proposal is a bold, experimental interpretation of the lavic stone. From dust to product, from raw material to final processing, from the encounter of nature with the hand of man, the whole project enhances the beauty of imperfection. Aesthetic and functional characteristics are at the core of Ranieri’s work, which is less about design, and more about material.

Ranieri is a Campania-based company mastering the artisanal transformation of volcanic rock into the highest contemporary expressions of art, architecture and interior design. Ranieri is the epitome of excellence in the artisanal transformation of volcanic rock into the highest expressions of art, architecture and interior design. Sitting right at the bottom of the Vesuvius and led by Giovanni Ranieri, the company ennobles the natural essence of lava with an aesthetic that breaks from tradition, discovering the unexpressed potential of its inimitable material composition.