Surrounded by a paradisiacal setting, The Experimental also leaves its mark in its ‘mountain spinoff’. The Experimental Chalet is part of the Group with the same name. Founded by four partners with a great sense for innovation, Romée de Goriainoff, Olivier Bon, Pierre-Charles Cros, and Xavier Padovani have created their ideal hotel that combines style, cool luxury, and hospitality.

Impossible not to recognize the scent, poetry, and sophistication of the Parisian company. A French touch at the top of the Valais mountains, in the heart of the village of Verbier. Surrounded by peaks, some might think it is the perfect destination for winter, but even in summer, it overwhelms you with its unique cozy atmosphere.

I have never felt so cool in a mountain village. As soon as I enter my room, I am immediately greeted by very pleasant jazz music that accompanies me throughout the day, afternoon, and night. Creating the perfect soundtrack to my stay. Among the things that impressed me most, apart from this jazz radio that overwhelms you when you enter the room, are the outdoor spaces such as the terrace with a beautiful jacuzzi.

The kindness of the hotel staff is combined with the service they provide to their guests. With a shuttle that can take you from the hotel to the slopes or the most remote restaurants, they are always at the customer’s service.

The building is a former hotel, with a classical structure that has been restored by Milanese architect and interior designer Fabrizio Casiraghi. A renovation with a half-urban spirit, while maintaining the classic codes of the mountain chalet, revisited and modernized. Open spaces, natural light, comfort, and minimalism. The red color is predominant. Red details stand out in the hotel’s palette and positively dazzle you, compared to the rest of the décor which has a color palette that is still warm and sophisticated but softer.

Finally, the food, as the bars and restaurants are a key destination for every Experimental Group property. I had the opportunity to experience the breakfast that was served, which was very well designed specifically for the sports activities that are practiced in the mountains, both in summer and winter.

It is worth focusing on the village of Verbier, a location that hosts an international and very young tourism target. Reason for which the Experimental Chalet finds the right positioning since this hotel brand stands out in all its locations (Paris, New York, Ibiza, Menorca, Venice, and London) for its coolness and youthful approach. The town is very vibrant, full of clubs that animate the evenings, giving you the chance to combine mountains relax with the social life that is often difficult to find in such villages.