Daniel left everything behind in his home country of Peru – his belongings, his suitcase, and his love for the girl he had met one summer in Lima. She had left him because of a mistake he had made, so he decided to go to Paris in an attempt to win her back. With a one-way ticket and no regrets or fears, Daniel embarked on a journey that spanned 10,248 km, eager to experience Europe for the first time.

Upon arriving in Paris, the renowned city of love, Daniel found himself pleasantly surprised by the neighborhood where he was staying. It had the cozy atmosphere of a village, where people knew each other and greeted one another, much like the suburbs of Lima. Certain details reminded him of his homeland, and as he wandered through the streets, amidst the bustling traffic and the locals going about their Parisian routines, Daniel felt a mixture of happiness from his travels and sadness from the lack of forgiveness he had received from his ex. He made every effort to find traces of the moments they had shared in Peru, seeking out places that evoked memories of his country.

However, along his journey, Daniel encountered Alonso, who helped him rediscover the joy of companionship and the feeling of not being alone or sorrowful. With Alonso’s support, Daniel began to feel at home in Paris. Though he would no longer be with his ex-girlfriend, his deep-rooted love for his country propelled him forward, motivating him to start afresh and work on improving himself. In time, forgiveness would come, allowing him to let go of the past and embrace brighter days ahead.