Growing up in a small town at the sea Lana Prins (The Netherlands) has always romanticized the world around her. Her work consists out of a lot of intimate self-portraits, photos of her close friends  as well as fashion stories. Photography is a way for Lana to show and tell her stories, without giving everything away at once. Her work is a reflection of daily life combined with a translation of her deepest emotions and thoughts.

“I want to show the viewer pieces of my life. Whether it’s something that actually happened in that split second, or something that’s totally staged, my photos always show my feelings of that exact moment.”

Through her work Lana doesn’t only visualize her own emotions but she also aims to make certain topics more discussable. Main topics in her work are the intimacy with herself and the intimacy between others, as well as the expression of the human body and the human sexuality.


About ‘Two Summers Ago‘:

In “Two Summers Ago” Lana takes us with her into her reality. Through her photos she shows us stories in which the dividing line between reality and fantasy fades. By not giving everything away immediately, she challenges the viewer to let his or her imagination run wild and shape the course of the story themselves.

Her photography is close to the skin and shows an intimate view into her life and that of the people around her. Within her work you can find both cinematically staged photos and meticulously framed snapshots of everyday life.