Gregory Michenaud (France,1975) is a freelance Krakow-based photographer specializing in documentary and story-telling. He is a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographer (ZPAF) and international photo-collective InPro, graduated from Sputnik Mentorship program in 2013 and a participant of the VII Masterclass 2016-2017.

He has been published in numerous magazines in Europe with also few individual and collective exhibitions in USA,Thailand, France, England, Poland and Slovakia.

He obtained numerous awards and distinctions such as a 2nd place in Prix de la Photo Paris (Px3) and a 3rd prize in International Photo Awards (IPA).

Amensangabora GM 3

About ‘Amen San Gabora‘:

AMEN SAN GABORA (by eng.: We Gabor! / roofers / or named Gabor, very popular family name among the Roma in Romania)

This reportage presents the portraits of Roma people encountered while traveling in Romania, in July 2011. The purpose of the visit was to find and document the day’s work of Roma practicing traditional craft activities and services. The spectrum of traditional activities can be broadly classified into three categories: crafts, commerce and entertainment.

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Amensangabora GM 15

Across the region, Transylvania – from Satu Mare to Brasov – I was able to meet Roma practitioners of crafts, such as roofer, tinsmith, blacksmith, musician, and horse breeder, artisan creating various tools and utensils of wood, etc.

These pictures are not „stricte senso“ photography of craft workers, they are more about the people I met during my research. The work they do is just the background of this report, something that allowed me to get closer to them, to discover and explored more deeply the richness of their cultural identity.

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