Zara Pfeifer and the fascinating unknown world of truck drivers

By Zara Pfeifer

Zara Pfeifer (born 1984, Cologne) studied Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Photography at the Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography Vienna. She lives and works in Berlin and Vienna. In her work Zara Pfeifer shows a profound interest in social and spatial phenomena. In her long-term projects she gets fully immersed in the world she is documenting– not only as an observer, but as an active part of her surroundings. Photography is her tool for artistic expression and research. Besides photography, she reveals her findings in lectures, audio and video recordings. She had several teaching assignments and holds a teaching position at the Architecture University TU Vienna with her own course about Architecture & Photography.

About Good Street! – words by Zara Pfeifer:

For her ongoing project Good Street! Zara Pfeifer accompanies truck drivers on their routes across Europe. The series stems from a profound interest in the drivers’ realities while on route: the working and living spaces in their cabins, on the streets, on gas stations and on large-scale infrastructures. The work includes photographs, interviews, video & sound recordings.

The selected images show insights of her truck tour from Prague to London and back. She accompanied the truck driver René on his 4 day trip.

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3 August 2021
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