“Zakhem” La guerra a casa | When war comes home

Victims And Executioners Vittime E Carnefici

On the occasion of its twenty-fifth birthday, EMERGENCY organizes ‘Zakhem | Ferite | Wounds. La guerra a casa | When war comes home ‘, a photographic exhibition by Giulio Piscitelli, created by EMERGENCY with the support of Contrasto.

Just on the day when the organization’s birthday is celebrated, on Wednesday 15 May at 7 pm at EMERGENCY House (Via Santa Croce 19, Milan) the opening of the exhibition will be held: a conversation with Giulio Piscitelli, author of the photographs; Gino Strada, Founder of EMERGENCY; Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY and Giulia Tornari, curator. Moderating Fabrizio Foschini, Analyst of the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

In 2018 Giulio Piscitelli visited EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centers for War Victims in Kabul and Lashkar-gah, Afghanistan.

EMERGENCY started working in the country in 1999. Since then it has treated almost 6 million people in the two surgical centers, in the Anabah Maternity Center and in the various FAP (First Aid Posts and Health Centers) located in rural and poorly connected areas with major hospitals.

While the United States and its allies are discussing the withdrawal of troops from the country, the Afghan government seeks to agree on a “ceasefire” with anti-government forces and the presidential elections are continually postponed, the war continues to hurt, kill and destroy . And on the ground there is still the legacy of the previous wars: anti-personnel mines and unexploded ordnance continue to mutilate children and adults, especially civilians.

Giulio Piscitelli met the victims of a war that has continued for over 18 years in the indifference of public opinion. He gave them a face, a name, he discovered their stories.

Stories that speak of a violence that breaks into everyday life, without warning. Stories that show the wound – zakhem, is said in dari – caused by the war.

The wounds are put at the center of the photographic story, because the war, after all, starts from there. However, even the deepest wounds can be seen: fear and exasperation that never leave you, but that you must learn to control, while the rest of the world seems to be unaware of everything.

Giulio Piscitelli shows the strength of the Afghan people, his shots transport the subjects into an almost unreal world, enlightened, in a fixity without time or space, in the truth of war of always and everywhere.

 “We have chosen to celebrate these 25 years by showing everyone, through Giulio’s photos, what EMERGENCY has been doing since its inception. Taking care of the victims, year after year, we understood something simple. That whatever the weapons, whatever the reasons, war always has the same face: dead, wounded, people who suffer. It is by facing the suffering of hundreds of human beings every day that we have

started to develop the idea of a community where relationships are based on solidarity and respect. A society that does without war, forever, “says Gino Strada, Founder of EMERGENCY.

Victims And Executioners Vittime E Carnefici02 Wall Paper01 Singola 70x100WHERE

Casa EMERGENCY, Via Santa Croce 19.


From 16 May to 9 June | Monday-Thursday 12-19; Friday 12-20; Saturday – Sunday 10-20 |

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