Willy Vecchiato takes us to a place in which the sacred and profane mingle

Willyvecchiato Lanzarote C41 Submission 6

Willy Vecchiato was born in Noale in the Venetian hinterland, on Christmas Eve 1973.

He is a self-taught photographer who became capable of showing his own vision of the world through sharp black and white images which make the observer wonder and perhaps even feeling something subtly terrifying.

About ‘Lanzarote’ – words by Willy Vecchiato and Steve Bisson:

‘Willy Vecchiato’s photograph is black and white. Visceral, absolute and not at all reassuring. He scraps reality in a damnably poetic way. An intruder who moves between the folds of seeing to free all the slags and the annoying or uncomfortable meanings.’ Steve Bisson

Lanzarote is a hymn to the foundational elements of the earth, the raison d’être of the senses on which the fragile human intentions rest. Like ancient wills carved in stone. Lanzarote is an epistème and together it traces the same duration of the primordial substance. Life, in which sacred and profane mingle in a dream of eternity.

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13 July 2020
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