Weronika Jedrzejczak illustrates a disordered emotional palette

Weronika Jedrzejczak Breathing In 100000 Km Breathing Out 8

Weronika Jedrzejczak was born in 1992 in Lodz. She studied History of Art at the Jagiellonian University, later graduating in photography at the National Film School in Lodz.

She is interested first and foremost by the different and extreme emotional states, being always searching for visual forms to represent her experiences and in general the shades and intensity of what she feels. In fact, one of her quotes states that “The things we can name are not interesting for us at all”.

About ‘Breathing in 100000 km breathing out‘ – words by Weronika Jedrzejczak:

We have already gone beyond whatever we have words for”. F. Nietzsche

The contradiction of love is fear. The topic of the work is a palette of various emotional states, as an attempt to present the human psyche. It’s also a visualization of emotional struggles, extreme experiences and ways to go out from the chaos of events and thoughts, finding a balance. The images represent journeys and returns to places and events that left a clear mark in the emotional sphere of the author. These all territories merge into one, blackened space.

This is a story about loneliness, love and madness and can be understood as a picture of mental disorders. The artwork has no beginning or end; this random scheme of glances can thus run new threads. Works included in the book present emotional sine wave, where colours and light brighten up in pervasive blackness.

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13 December 2019
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