Wenkai Wang is a New York based photographer, filmmaker and illustrator. Wenkai was born in 1996 in China. He is currently studying Filmmaking and Photography at NYU Tisch School of The Arts in the United States. Wenkai’s work has been exhibited by The Independent Photographer, CineCina Festival and New York Independent Animation Festival.

The language of the author surely reflects his instinct shown in the way he captures the moments fixing mundane scenes, as well as details probably unseen from the most.

About ‘Look At Firework From The Other Side’ –words by Wenkai Wang :

For the past five or six years, I have had spent my summer vacations with my family in Hokkaido in Japan. As I grew up, the core of my life inevitably becomes more centered on maturing the self. A family trip becomes less enticing than a carefree road trip with friends. My father, mother, and sister and I live separately between two continents, China and United States. Like many others who still have faith in the American dream, my father chooses a lifestyle that financially supports the next generation in the price of family bond— he meets the rest of my family members each month while most time he is preoccupied with his business. According to my knowledge, this oversea nuclear family structure, in other word long-distance marriage, is not rare among the middle class in China. I have come to an age that I perhaps just spent the last official summer vacation with my family. Throughout the past few years in Hokkaido, this is the first time that I picked up a camera. Hokkaido is an alternative reality that provides my family with temporary escape and relief, and especially a time for reunion. In this series, I am the spectator of family dynamics from an outsider’s view within a place that I feel not familiar at all, yet not strange either. I tried to capture these elusive but truthful moments.