Vittoria Elena Simone watching people from the balcony and wondering about her future

‘Today’ – a video by Vittoria Elena Simone

“After several weeks of quarantine, the enthusiasm for the free time the I had was slowly fading away. I still loved to have time for myself. I haven’t experienced such a relaxed status in years, due to the fact that I’m in a continuous rush towards my future since I was very young. But when I shot this video, the news from the world were getting worse every minute more. I spent a lot of time on my balcony watching others, searching for a right way to act. I experienced this mixed feeling where I was happy for my free time, but I realized that all this years I’ve been running for nothing, now that the world as we knew it has been destroyed”.

Our personal thoughts – words by Alice De Santis

We are essentially self-centered and narcissistic, we struggle to admit it, but that’s the fact. As Friedrich Nietzsche says “There can’t be a God because, if there was one, I wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t me.” We are focused on ourselves, despite defining us as good and altruistic people. We are focused on our person, on our future, and on our well-being. All that surrounds us is only a contour enabling us to climb up our personal peak.

But if you look outside even from a small window you realize that there is a whole world out there. If for once you decide to stop you understand that without everything around us we would be nobody and we would have nothing. From your small and shiny window you spy on the lives of others and in an eye-blink you are catapulted into their lives. You have dinner with a large family, which in this period got back the habit of dining at the same table. You keep company to a sweet old lady who now lives and knows the world from her flowered balcony. You sit next to a dog that observes and finally manages to hear the sounds of nature.

You are all these people, never forget it, don’t forget that to be what you want to become you must also be part of the other worlds.

Vittoria Elena Simone’s bio

Director and photographer based in Milan. New member of K48 directors roster.


Directed by Vittoria Elena Simone
Time to read
2 min
Words by
Alice De Santis
Published on
24 May 2020
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