Andrea Cleopatria brings us on an intimate journey with “Love Anthem”

Love Anthem is an intimate journey inside the life and the mind of Italian musician Venerus, directed by Andrea Cleopatria and produced by Asian Fake.
You can feel the delicacy and respect Andrea put in crafting this piece, entering little by little in a dimension that is usually secret, personal and unsharable without being too judgy or pushy.
The result is an endless flux of emotions, true and authentic.

How was your collaboration with Venerus born? How did this particular project begin?

The collaboration with Venerus was born when we met a few years ago. We found ourselves perfectly matching creatively speaking and we soon started working on each other’s projects.
Love Anthem is a project that was born exactly from this constant dialogue between us. After a few more classic videoclip, we felt the need to do something more narrative.

Love Anthem is not only a combination of two new songs from Venerus, but a film inside a videoclip, some kind of journey. Tell us a bit more about the idea behind this film. What did you want to tell and express with it?

The journey surely starts from the inside, there is an emotional swing that makes actions and the character’s thoughts unstable. What we wanted to achieve was to make these moments visible.
The musical EP is made of four songs that in some ways are divided into two parts, exactly like the narration inside the video.

The video is a mixture of techniques which is quite common these days, but you were able to find a way to do it freshly. It’s almost like you’re just a voyeur with a VHS cam recording intimate moments of Venerus’ life and a more common director with a digital camera shooting a videoclip. Why did you choose to switch between them?

The “cut” in which you really enter Love Anthem is the moment in which you switch from the classic videoclip to 8mm VHS.
For me, this second technique that I used makes the narration much more intimate.

What’s coming in the near future?

As for the future, at the moment I’m writing a feature film and I hope to keep collaborating with people I like to work with.

A few days ago, the second part of “Love Anthem” came out. Have a look here:








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Francesca Pavoni
Published on
1 July 2019
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