Directors Us convey parents’ white lies inside romantic “Cautionary Tales”

How did this project begin? And how did you conceive this film?

Well, we had wanted to make a short film for a long time. Commercial projects are great but we wanted to stretch our creative legs and make something that was all ours.
We have all kind of little notes written on our wall as starting points to ideas. One of those ideas was about the lies that parents tell their children. As a kid I was told the worst thing you could do was lie.
However parents tell their kids lies all the time. It was then when we started to think about the lies they tell that we started to think about how ridiculous these lies are.
We wrote the first original script back in 2013 then just kept rewriting it until we were happy.

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Talking about the characters. We really enjoyed the classic stories told by parents during childhood. Like my father always told me that if I put my fingers in my nose too much, my nose would grow bigger and bigger! So, where did you take inspiration from? Any personal experience?

It’s funny you say that because everybody has their own, we loved the dialogue it started.
People always would come out with slightly different versions of the same thing. It was one of the hardest things to choose which characters to portray and which should be the hero character.
All of the tales came from our own experiences or close friends who we shared the idea with.

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During these times, being different is something that is finally “recognized” as a positive thing: we don’t have to be ashamed of who we are but accept us and all our peculiarities, and especially love us for who we are. Do you think that your characters show this kind of feeling? Tell us a bit more about the moment of love at first sight.

The real message we wanted to communicate or at least have people feel when watching the film was that of belonging or finding your place in this crazy world, accepting yourself for who you are.
The final scene was so important, we must have written that ending over 100 times. It was also the hardest to cast.
What was really important was that Aaron found someone in this world like him but also someone who had accepted what life had given them. His love for her was not only physical but also about giving him belief and acceptance.

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What were the most challenging moment and the one you loved the most?

So many challenges! I think we both learned more on this film than we had in years. The biggest challenge was all the prosthetics for each character but we were in the talented hands of Matthew Smith who smashed it.
I think the end scene was the most magical when you have been writing something for so long and what you have in your head transcends in front of you it’s quite magical and also strange. The performance and connection between Ross Hatt and Skye Bennett were so special.

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What are your plans for the future?

Well, we have a couple of scripts at different stages that we are pushing forward with. Pitching on a couple of music videos and some commercials.
The idea of telling stories and creating worlds is something that we really want to pursue much more in the future though. I think the way the short is being received is only making that itch bigger.

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26 January 2018
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