UNITED STANDARD X C41 present: Love_Control, a film directed by Giorgio Di Salvo

Love_Control is the outcome of the encounter between C41 and UNITED STANDARD.
It is an erotic-porn film directed by Giorgio di Salvo, featuring real porn actors, created with the aim to redesign a new concept of eroticism, enhanced by a visual and an extreme narrative.

The video was shot in “high speed” mode with a Phantom camera, which is usually used mainly for food shooting, but this not a food-related content at all: the result is a massive enhancement of the details of a real sexual and erotic act that shows the commodification of the nude intended as a material, not only as a symbol. A completely innovative vision of pornography that intrigues and fascinates.

Love_Control was born as a project inspired by “Eros”, theme of the latest C41 Magazine issue 9, and widened in different forms, as a limited edition t-shirt as well. Only 100 pieces distributed exclusively on C41 Magazine online shop.

You can see the uncut and uncensored version on PornHub.
Launch event, December 18 at Le Dictateur, Via Giovanni Paisiello 6, Milan. 6.30 PM.



A project by C41 and UNITED STANDARD
Produced by C41, Leone Balduzzi, Luca A. Caizzi, Barbara Guieu
Directed by Giorgio Di Salvo
Giuseppe Favale, Dp
Barbara Guieu, ex producer
Igor Ragazzi, editor
Giorgio di Salvo, Daniele Guerrini, sound
Claudia Bagordo, set designer
Daniel Pallucca, colorist
Simone De Rosa, first ac
Francesco Villanelli, phantom operator
Daniele Reggio, phantom assistant operator
Francesco Galli, gaffer
Daniele Ballarini, electrician
Christie Dom, Andrea Nobili, actors
Special Thanks to Isabella Petricca


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9 December 2019
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