Tiziano Demuro offers us an intimate representation of himself

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Born in 1992studied as an advertising graphic designer and graduated in New Technologies for Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari. After a working interlude in Kaunas, Lithuania, at the Kaunas Photo Festival, he returned to Italy and attended a two- year specialist course in Photography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. In 2019 he win a scholarship to the Canon Student Program at the VISA pour immagine di Perpignan.

He works as a photographer and graphic designer and follows his own personal path through different ways of working and experimentation, with a research focused on physical and emotional anatomy, spaces and surfaces, details and intimate elements, places and objects that are stratified in the stories and are keys of decoding and construction of a path in complete evolution.

About ‘The light helps me to recognize the day ‘ – words by Tiziano Demuro:

Since the first lockdown began, new routines have been created, spaces have been reinterpreted and re- evaluated, time has had a different value, and led us to understand who we are and what is happening around us. The connections are weak, and the images are new, even if in known and apparently metabolized spaces.

Our perception of everyday life, from the walls of the house to the way to go shopping, has been overturned, disconnected, reinterpreted, and so has our link with its daily image.

In a moment, our use of discounted spaces, absorbed by our routine, was upset and our perception became abstract, the outside became almost metaphysical and elitist, the house took on new meanings. Perceiving them as new has certainly upset the idea of their intimate representation.

Recreating a routine and finding a balance led me to search for the movement of light, or his absence, in the rooms of the house, in a way that I had never done and that perhaps was not possible before, because the way of living those spaces was different. After 80 days of lockdown, I knew what time the light came in and at what angle and I found myself fantasizing images, waiting for the right moment repeating the routine, from dawn to dusk, marking the days through the light and its movement around me. I started living in the house following the light while waiting for that day a week when we went out for shopping and that marked a rhythm of life. It was an intense experience and La luce mi aiuta a riconoscere il giorno is the story of this experience.

The subtle intimacy of everyday life is always a great inspiration to me. I always thought that simple, perhaps obvious, things contained enormous emotional and narrative power, so I mainly captured details of daily life, at home or while going to the weekly grocery shopping. Small details of the world that speak of the time that has passed.

In this situation, the representation of these spaces became active, attentive, new. I re-evaluated myself to reinterpret the spaces I had always occupied and perhaps never really lived. There was a reinterpretation, like a contemporary Flaneur prone to intimate wanderings that allowed me to discover those spaces, so close and familiar, with which I often did not allow myself to enter the intimacy of self-representation.

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25 March 2021
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