Tereza Kourra make us read her most intimate diary

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Tereza Kourra was born in 1991 and is a visual artist based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Her artistic practice focuses on the creation of visual narratives. Her photographic work and moving images concentrate around human in the poetic space. During her architectural studies she became obsessed with the translation of time and space into fragmented virtual environments; the perceived and the imaginary world.

By maintaining the natural characteristics of the captured images, she investigates the possibilities of manipulation and distortion of their form and what this does to their meaning. She is the founder of CPEIC, a studio focused on composing visual narratives.

About ‘PHOTOARCHIVE001&002‘ – words by Tereza Kourra:

This is a personal visual diary project, negotiating myself through my personal affairs and intimate spaces. PHOTOARCHIVE001&002 consists of several fragments of thoughts and feelings that will eventually for a personal narrative in the form of a book. All pictures were taken between Greece and Cyprus, during the last 6 years.

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25 October 2019
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