Tara Wray channels pain through a creative solitude

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Tara Wray is a photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in rural Vermont. She is a regular contributor to Vice, BUST Magazine, and is photo editor of the literary journal Hobart. She created and curates Some Days Just Are, a collaborative photo series pairing together photographers from around the world to tell their stories simultaneously. 

Born and raised in Kansas, Wray graduated from NYU with a degree in documentary film. She has directed two feature length documentaries: Manhattan, Kansas (Audience Award, SXSW 2006; Film Society of Lincoln Center) and Cartoon College (Vancouver 2012).

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About ‘Too Tired for Sunshine‘:

In Too Tired for Sunshine, Tara Wray confronts depression by documenting the beauty, darkness, and absurdity of everyday life. Drawn from daily life and wanderings, the photos explore loneliness and isolation, as seen through a lens of absurdist dark humor. 

Too Tired for Sunshine puts a fine point on channeling pain into creative expression. We are both witnessing the process and experiencing the result. Tara Wray takes us on a visual and emotional journey with disarming humor that lets us lean in to the sadness.

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