Shane Rocheleau and the power of masculinity of the white man

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Shane Rocheleau was born in Falmouth, Massachussetts in 1977.  He received a BA (1999) in Psychology and English from St. Michael’s College in Vermont, a Post-Baccalaureate Cerificate (2005) in Fine Art from Maryland Institute College of Art, and an MFA (2007) in Photography and Film from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  He has taught photography as an Assistant Professor of Art at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin, as an Adunct at numerous institutions, and presently serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at VCU. 

Rocheleau has exhibited in the United States, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Ukraine, The United Kingdom, India, and Germany.  He has been featured in several online and print publications, including The Reservoir Quarterly, Aint Bad Magazine, Dear Dave Magazine, Fisheye, Lensculture, Lenscratch, Phroom, and Humble Arts Foundation.

His first monograph, You Are Masters Of The Fish And Birds And All The Animals, was published in April, 2018, by Gnomic Book. He currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.


You Are Masters Of The Fish And Birds And All The Animals was published in April, 2018 by Gnomic Book.  The book consists of a series of color portraits and landscapes principally made in Virginia, United States, which cumulatively reckon with the position and ascendant power of white heteronormative masculinity.

White American Masculinity is an identity that I and others are both scarred by and exceptionally privileged to enjoy – and thus responsible to address. My internal contradictions are a microcosm of my nation’s.  Founding fathers such as Patrick Henry (“Liberty or Death!”) are memorialized in myriad, public ways, while their anonymous slaves died libertyless.  On one front, United States colonialists fought a war for independence while on the other we did so to deprive Native Americans of theirs.  And now, we continue to elect leaders who perpetuate the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and xenophobic language that traces a history of profound othering, subjugation, and injustice.

I don’t know how to say it’s scary to be a white man in the United States of America, because it’s scarier to be a woman or a minority.  I am he whom I fight against.  This project – a portrait of a psyche – is the language I’ve thus far conceived.

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