Ronni Campana’s photographs combine food with colors

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Born in Milan in 1987, photographer Ronni Campana specialises in photographing the world’s minute imperfections. By concentrating on details in his surrounding environment and framing contrasting colour and shapes he uncovers an abstract beauty in seemingly mundane objects. With the use of subtle humour and a bright flash he draws our attention to the wonderful flaws found in everyday life.

About ‘Nutritional Therapy‘:

Eva and I thought that could have been interesting to develop a series together joining her clothes and my photographic eye so that we came out with the idea of juxtaposing clothes and food focusing on bright colours and similarity.

We went to the Penny Market and bought random food which would somehow match with the Eva’s collection in terms of colour or shape.

In regards of the title, we were looking for something a bit ironic and funny, easy to remember so we come out with….Nutritional Therapy!

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26 December 2018
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