Robert Wagoner reflects on the concept of home and intimacy

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Robert Wagoner, originally from Buffalo, NY, grew up immersed in the visual language of photography. A second-generation photographer, Robert’s curiosity for image making began at a young age. His father’s photo studio served as a second home, experiencing commercial shoots and learning how photos effected the visual nature of our world via advertising. After finishing a BFA in Fine Art Photography from The State University at Purchase, Robert began his career in New York working on commercial and editorial sets. Embracing the bustling streets of the city as a backdrop, Robert’s portraits and still lifes offer an intimate view of the places he calls home today. While the world of images swipes by faster than ever, Robert’s affection for book making and physical representation of pictures issues a more personal view of his work.

About ‘Box of Rain’:

My body of work titled “Box of Rain” focused on the notion of home, how the comforts and sensations of this concept are malleable and can impress themselves not just in physical spaces but in people alike. I drew inspiration from the lyrics and mysticism of The Grateful Dead, specifically a track titled, “Box of Rain.” The romanticism of holding onto the perpetually mobile—such as rain—fell into place with the direction of the work. Such as the delicate warmth presented in the picture of my father within my portfolio. The serenity of blues in the river blends itself with the evening light bathing his face. My motivation to make work derives from a self-obligation of attempting to decipher the world around me. The nature of my pictures establishes a trust between myself and the materials presented. Often specificity of “where” falls away to the intimacy and aura of the “what” or “who” pictured. Playing into the mind-state what “home” truly represents.

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