Riccardo Raspa between fire in the representation of the Passion of Christ

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Seeking to understand society in all its complex, mysterious and creative aspects, Riccardo Raspa is an Italian photographer whose practice is constantly informed by the need to find new stories everywhere he travels. Often using his work as a way to explore different cultures, he believes in photography as a way to narrate the society we live in and discover new scenarios. Characterized by a unique visual language, Riccardo’s work can easily shift from reportage to fashion: his photographic style is a contamination of the rawness of photojournalism with the delicacy of fashion editorials.

Riccardo is based in London, but you can find him everywhere in the world. His clients include adidas, Mackintosh, Maharishi, Fendi, J.W. Anderson, and VICE among others.

About ‘The Dead Christ’:

The Procession of the Dead Christ in Gubbio, Umbria, is a symbolic representation of Christ’s Passion, which has been repeated every year for centuries, following a tradition that has never been interrupted.

Organized by the Confraternity of Santa Croce della Foce, The procession starts with lay brothers dressed in sackcloth and playing instruments called “batti strangole” that produce a rattling noise, and others carrying the objects characteristic of the Passion and the skull that symbolises Golgotha. The Lay brothers are in sackcloth to maintain anonymity and to have the chance of redeeming their sole from their sins.

Then come the effigies of the Dead Christ and Our Lady of Sorrows, valuable wooden sculptures produced by local craftsmen. Behind the statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary the singers of the Miserere intone their chants, passed down through the centuries by oral tradition. The procession goes through the main streets of the town, starting at nightfall from the Church of Santa Croce. Big bonfires are lit in various places along the route.

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