Raegan Bird tells us the charm of a small and isolated town

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Through archiving and installation Raegan Bird’s strong sensory memories take life in a non- linear, ever-changing narrative. Her work leans in to the gravity of intimacy, the importance of curious criticism and the preciousness within anxiety. She holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently lives in Shutesbury, Massachusetts.

Raegan’s current affections include biodynamic farming, astro-therapy and music making.

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About ‘Best Town by a Dam Site’:

“Best Town by a Dam Site” is a study on the town of Iowa falls, Iowa.
It was the place my dad grew up, my only stable sort of home-base after moving so much as a kid.

Iowa Falls is located by a dam on the Iowa River and on the routes of the Canadian and Union Pacific railroads. The people that lived there once thought that it was going to be the New York City of the Midwest. You used to be able to buy a non-stop ticket to Chicago; many people, including my Grandfather, did to get to work some days. Somewhere along the line the passenger trains stopped going through Iowa Falls, Monsanto began buying up everyone’s farmland, and a Walmart was built, wiping out most of the family-run businesses.

Despite all this there is a great spirit alive in Iowa Falls. The classic charm of everyone knowing everyone else’s business and the stubborn pride and protection of their daily, weekly, yearly rituals.

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