Cece Wyldeck on C41 Magazine issue 9 Eros: please leave your ego at the door

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It felt like an average afternoon in the office when Cece Wyldeck knocked on the C41 door to say hi. It was a planned meeting but we had nothing particular on the table to discuss. It was just a matter of getting to know each other and establishing the foundation of what would turn out to be a fantastic collaboration. Her passion and spirit immediately made their presence known within the office as though a gentle storm had just blown in. Head of Creative Development at MassiveMusic Amsterdam and former lead singer of band Wyldeck, Cece has brought endless energy to the C41 family, with a very simple aim: to do great, cool things together.

We are certain that her approach and enthusiasm shine through in every project she works on. We have seen with our own eyes that she knows (almost) everybody in the industry, and everybody loves her. And so do we.

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As Head of Creative Development, your job relies heavily on networking. Which are your favourite “tools” for building these connections? How much do these relationships develop personally in your experience?

My aim is always to find a genuine connection, no matter how big or small, with whoever I meet. I am an interested person, lucky enough to work in an industry surrounded by extremely interesting and creative souls.

I have one tool: “Tell me about yourself”.
The goal is to share knowledge with an open creative dialogue. I strongly believe we can all learn something new with every conversation. My only requirement: please leave your ego at the door. If the connection is present, then the relationships get personal quite quickly. I am very sensitive to bullshit and really enjoy honesty.

Which were the main differences in the mu- sic scene that you found when you moved from London to Amsterdam?

I grew up in London, which is known for its pub culture, 90% of pubs have a live music scene. That’s what I grew up in. Also, the first place I ever played live was in a local pub. Most weeknights and definitely all weekends, me and my friends would be going to see live music, whether it be friends in bands, local bands or emerging artists. Then I became one of those bands and continued to play in venues across London. I was fully immersed in the London music scene, which is a crazy melting pot of music creatives.
It has been a HUGE difference coming to Amsterdam’s music scene which is strongly based on dance, techno and DJ culture. I would say really good small live music venues are scarce.

Is there any relation between music and sex?

There is a connection in how it can make you feel on stage, that same uncertain excitement that comes with sexual encounters. For me, the relation between love and music is stronger than sex and music.

Which are the differences between being sexy at home and being sexy outside (nightlife, work-life, any-life)?

Being sexy at home is all about creating intimate moments, most of the time without intent. For outside the home, it is more about being confident within yourself which in turn will exude natural sexy vibes. When people ‘try to be sexy’, they usually end up being quite the opposite.

What is not sexy to you and instead it is sexy for the majority of people?

Someone who shows a lot of his/her body, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Pick one song to have as the soundtrack for the following kind of cliché́“types of sex”: morning/wake-up sex, goodnight sex, not-really-watching-Netflix sex, post-argument sex, third-time-in-a-row sex.

Morning/wake-up sex: Bright as Yellow – The Innocence Mission Goodnight sex: Phone Down – Erykah Badu Not-really-watching-Netflix sex: White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane Post-argument sex: Untitled (How does it feel) – D’Angelo Third-time-in-a-row sex: #1 Crush – Garbage

How did you feel before playing and singing on stage for the first time? How did you feel afterwards?

There are always nerves pre-show but combined with pure excitement. The adrenaline from being on stage is like nothing else – I’ve even said the rush is greater than sex. There is a certain power in sharing something so personal and hopefully captivating a room with what you’ve created.

Who’s the sexiest musician because of their face?

I’ve always had a thing for Nick Cave. Sexy ugly, not a traditional beauty but so mysterious he becomes sexy. There is a lot behind his eyes.

Who’s the sexiest musician because of how they plays/sing?

Anna Calvi for her pure raw energy when playing and singing. So much passion goes into her live performances. She reaches for her notes both musically and vocally from the bottom of her soul.

But also Josh Homme from the first time I saw Queens of the Stone Age live. He has an incredibly sexy stage presence (even with sweat patches under his arms), mesmerizing character and it all seems so easy for him. He has a delicate gentle quality which contrasts to the music and his physical build.

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29 November 2019
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