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Richard Ramirez Jr – 1116 PARADISE

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Richard Ramirez Jr – 1116 PARADISE

Limited Edition 20 Pieces

total size : 24×30 cm
photo size : 18×27 cm
support : Photo paper 300 gr

Richard Ramirez Jr: “I was born in 1995 in a desert city of Arizona. Raised up in Los Angeles and still here. I like to think of my work as film stills and I guess this has a lot to do to the fact that I’d like to create films someday but looking at my photographs and wondering what kind of story could have been made from it is really what keeps me going. I’m just really obsessed with moods and movement and I have this thing where I pretend I created a whole movie after each photo shoot and all of my final shots are basically just screenshots I liked from this movie, if that makes sense. Each photo is just a little millisecond of movement and storytelling and emotions.”