This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Pietro Oliva (1998) is a photographer born and raised in Turin. He attended the Albe Steiner high school of photography and later the European Institute of Design. He has participated in exhibitions such as “The Others Art Fair” and “Photographers in Turin” at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts.

Now he lives and works in Berlin as a photographer.

About Teufelsberg – words by Pietro Oliva:

The project tells of the artificial hill of Teufelsberg, in the district of Charlottenburg, born after the Second World War by amassing the rubble of the city of Berlin. After the war, the US army decides to build the Field Station on top of the hill, a base with which they intercept and spy on radio communications during the Cold War. It remained an American base until the fall of the wall, it was then used for air traffic control until 1999. The base was then completely abandoned and for years it was one of the centers of urban artistic culture in Berlin. The large amount of graffiti and artwork has given new life to this abandoned base. With my project I want to tell this place from the point of view of architecture and urban landscape.