Niklas Grapatin immortalizes dust in Dhaka and what happens underneath

White Noise

Niklas Grapatin is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. In 2019  he completed his studies in photojournalism- and documentary photography in Hanover. During year 2017 he went to Bangladesh in order to continue his studies at the Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka. His work has been published in various magazines and newspapers like DER SPIEGEL, ZEIT-Magazin and Financial Times Magazine.

For the photographer, it is important to find the right visual language that matches the matter in the most intense and emotional way. With this strategy, he challenges himself in experimenting with different techniques, passing the concept while also touching the observer on another deeper level.

About ‘White Noise’– words by Niklas Grapatin:

White Noise is about the beauty I found in the megacity Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Before I went to Bangladesh, I only knew the country from its one-sided media coverage. When I arrived in the Megacity, I found myself in a surrounding where a lot of problems were very visible, but at the same time I discovered so much unpredictable situations and had many wonderful encounters so that I felt an urge to show this second side as well. I decided not to hide the harsh living conditions but at the same time to show the beauty spot within. To achieve this, I picked the issue of air pollution: due to the nearby brick factories, the enormous traffic, unfinished roads, endless construction sites and the burning garbage, dust is present in every corner of the city. This issue is becoming more and more present because of the climate change: the temperature rises and the dry periods last longer, so that there is no chance for the dust to get washed away.
At night these particles transform the daily life into a surreal dream with all these fascinating moments, which I tried to capture with my camera.

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23 September 2019
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