Home is where it feels good to breathe. Infinite perimeter by M. Poulas

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Michalis Poulas says about himself:

‘I am a 39 years old photographer, I live and work in Greece. I studied photography at Leica  Academy in Athens. Since 2003 I established and have been running my own photo lab in Sitia Crete where I also live.

Photography was one of the strongest weapons against my drug addiction. I make pictures in order to ease the pain and fear of death. I try to create images that may be understood in many ways, beyond what they actually depict. Images that the viewer is free to interpret and feel in their own way.’

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About ‘Infinite Perimeter’:

The place where one draws breath and calls one’s home; ’tis whence one begins; The place one recalls and reminisces, be it in a positive or negative light, years down the line, even if one never left it, either physically or mentally; It exists as place, as time, as a past experience in one’s memory and imagination; ’tis the remains of this theme that jointly shape the way one feels; The spacetime one calls one’s home is under tremendous pressure, and the issue is with whom, why, and to what extent one is willing to share it.

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