Marta Martín finds herself between a new freedom and the pleasure of small things

Marta Martín Oye, Pues Al Final No Nos Hemos Quedado Sin Verano C41magazine Photography 14

Marta Martín is the person behind Yanosvemos. She’s a documentary photographer from Asturias who currently lives in Barcelona. In her photography the daily life and the people around her are the protagonists, always looking for the simplest things to turn them into the greatest ones.

About Oye, pues al final no nos hemos quedado sin verano – words by Marta Martín:

“Oye, pues al final no nos hemos quedado sin verano” is a personal project that I developed in the summer of 2020, when the Spanish population could begin to leave home after the quarantine by the global pandemic of the Corona Virus. That year we thought we were not going to be able to do what we always did so the confinement made us value all the little things we had in our lives. The photographs have been taken almost entirely in the north of Spain, where I am from, and where I have spent the entire quarantine with my parents who have starred in several of my photographs.

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15 September 2021
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