Luigi Calfa investigates the great perplexities of everyone’s life

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Luigi Calfa is a lover of contemporary languages, from visual research to sound art. He is constantly exploring the environment that surrounds him, with particular attention to the human passage through space and time. Based in Milan where he co-founded the multidisciplinary creative studio Studio Mare, but he can often be found near the sea both by passion and by origin.

About Ci siamo appartenuti senza possedere niente – words by Stefania Zanetti:

Everything is always being defined, presences as well as absences. I try to trace the time that flees to better understand what I have before my eyes. I investigate the void as an imaginary border, between thought and memory.

I am passing through, I transport myself vulnerably through images in space, like our lacks that unite us while we disorientate ourselves.

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21 June 2021
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