Kevin documents how the Basketball can gather a whole city around a field

Devoted to the art of basketball, Kevin Couliau picked up his first camera in 2004. Through his lens, he started highlighting the game’s aesthetic for several international publications.

A passion that quickly turned into a creative pilgrimage within the depth of playground culture. Kevin has been chasing his dreams to explore and reveal this global community through film photography and his independent publication Asphalt Chronicles. In 2013, he embarked on a journey to co-direct and shoot the award-winning documentary Doin’ It In The Park : Pick-Up Basketball, NYC.

A unique vision that lead him to showcase his work from New York City to Manila and collaborate with sports brands such as the NBA, Nike and the FIBA. Kevin is currently working on a photo book that will reveal 15 years of basketball documentation, set to be released by the end of 2018.

About ‘Inside the cage’:

Summer in New York is definitely characterized by the movement that is created within the basketball fields.
From the Bronx to Brooklyn, more than 150 street-ball tournaments take place in the various districts of the big apple.

Among these tournaments, followed by all the inhabitants of the city, one stands out particularly: that of the West Village, specifically West 4th, the smaller court of NYC best known as the Cage.

InsideTheCage©KevinCouliau 17

Near the exit of the subway station, the basketball court is home to some of the best players and eccentric New York and beyond.

It is an invitation to discover the culture of basketball for the casual tourist and an institution for local players who have spent their entire lives on this asphalt.

Kevin started documenting the NYC Basketball in 2004 and has always been fascinated by West 4th Street, its familiar and intense atmosphere, watching people and playing. It is surely the heart and soul of the city for him.

West 4th

InsideTheCage©KevinCouliau 4

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16 October 2017
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