Kelsey McClellan turns sorrow for what’s gone into colour

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Kelsey McClellan is an editorial and commercial photographer based in San Francisco, California.

About If This Isn’t Nice – words by Kelsey McClellan:

When I first moved to the outer sunset neighborhood in 2016 it felt so different from any other place I’ve ever lived. The houses are all smooshed together tightly with no front yards and are mostly painted beautiful pastel colors. Topiaries are what first stood out to me so I started by documenting those – particularly the more ‘avant-garde’ ones against colorful houses. While seeking out the bushes I noticed more and more to love: painted blobby shapes on driveways, brightly colored hoses, the ways the houses and flowers reflect in cars at different times throughout the seasons. Over the last year, because of Covid, I had a lot more time to walk around and focus on the series. While shooting I also started noticing more and more houses go up for sale and get painted grey and remodeled to be more ‘modern’ –  very unique, working-class homes are now selling for over a million dollars here and a lot of the character is disappearing. It’s sad to witness in real time but I’m glad that this work can serve as an archive in a way to what was.

I also self-published a book of the project in June – 6×8”, 128 pages, soft cover, coil bound – first edition, second printing available for purchase at park life.

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25 November 2021
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