Kasey makes a diary of memories, not made by words, but of images

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Kasey Medlin is an artist and photographer preoccupied with the past, forever cursing her 20/20 hindsight. Her work focuses on the unreliable nature of memories, our ability to rewrite our past, and the implications that has for our future. Kasey is troubled by the fleeting existence of a photograph in modern day.

Through her search for something more tangible, she has made multiple artist books, zines and, more recently, installations of her photographs. Her work has been exhibited in galleries internationally and across the United States. Kasey lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she spends her free time chasing golden hour, cooking vegetables in too much butter, and forgetting to water her plants.

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About ‘Journal’:

In recent years, I found my photography growing more and more manufactured as I pre-planned every aspect of each image. This was effective and cohesive, but not necessarily indicative of my photography as a whole.

I also shoot in a much more organic style, which is best showcased with my journal. Some images are outtakes, some are decisive moments, others are a documentation of my life. They represent my attempt to let go, to tap into my subconscious and allow my photography to breathe.

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19 February 2018
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